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The Story of the First Presidential Pilot: Lt. Col. Henry Tift Myers

Publisher: Henchard Press Ltd./Indigo Publishing



8-1/2” x 11”, 160 Pages, Black & White

Why is this book unique?

Hank Myers was a distinctive man from a colorful and influential family who was raised with privilege and opportunity.  From this background he had the courage and confidence that allowed him to fly personages that are immortalized in history.  He was an aviation pioneer setting world records for speed and distance as well as making numerous improvements in air travel. 

Why you'll Like It:

Hank's humorous, colloquial personality shines through in the telling of his life.  Many interesting people and little known facts are sprinkled throughout the book and the photographs are simply wonderful.


Divided into three chapters with an epilogue, the first chapter gives his rich family history, his early education and flight training and ends with the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

The second chapter is all about his flying records and being chosen as the very first presidential pilot. Famous characters appear and inside information once confidential is revealed.

The third chapter is a lot about Harry—Harry Truman that is. (He was Hank's favorite passenger.)  This chapter also covers Hank's personal life, his return to American Airlines and the relationship with his only child, Tift. The epilogue ties up loose ends between father and son and tells of the plans for establishing a permanent display in honor of Hank for future generations to enjoy. 

Author Information:

Bonne Davis Cella is a native of Tifton, GA and a graduate of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College and The University Of Georgia with a degree in Journalism. She was the administrator of the State Bar of Georgia's office in Tifton for 25 years where she wrote for the Georgia Bar Journal and is a frequent contributor to Georgia Backroads Magazine.       


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