Georgia Sun

Price: $190.00


The only way I decided I could let go of this particular piece is if it goes to someone who loves it as much as I do! I hope that's you. It was painted with acrylics on an 11x14 canvas. The sides of the canvas are also painted so even it it takes you a bit to get a frame on it, it looks pretty nice as is. Handwritten artist signature and other painting info are on back.

Artist: Leslie Larson

11 X 14

Acrylic on Canvas

About the Artist

I'm originally from a small town in Eastern Utah. My creativity was nurtured at home as well as by the rugged beauty of the surrounding countryside where I grew up. My favorite mediums are oil and acrylic paints. I often mix my own color palette creating many rich nuances of color. I predominantly use nature as my inspiration. I have had artwork in a number of galleries across the United States. I have always enjoyed finding new ways in which to create. One such way is in the form of jewelry design. In 2018, I began selling my jewelry in my Etsy shop “A Little Bitta Fancy”. I currently live in Tifton, GA where I paint, teach art, and design jewelry. My work is included in several private art and jewelry collections across the U.S. To create is to breathe; it’s just something I have to do! I feel blessed to have my creative talents. I hope to continue using them for the betterment of my family & the enjoyment of others.

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