Spalted Maple Ornament

Price: $30.00


21/2 inches long

Made from a spalted maple, hollowed out on inside



Artist Bio

Steve Woodham is known for his passion of bringing the beauty of God's creation out of a piece of wood. He does not cut down trees, but when a tree has fallen or has to be taken down, he loves to have the opportunity to bring out a lasting beauty of that tree. Pieces are not painted, stained or colored in any way.  Different woods are used to bring out the colo.  In 2010 Steve was invited to a woodturning demonstration at the Tifton Little River Woodturners Club. He has been a member ever since and is also a member of the American Association of Woodturners.

Inlay ornaments - The pictures are obtained by using different color woods and scroll sawing to make the pictures. The design is then glued to a base and turned to make the ornament.

Segment ornaments - These are made by cutting different colored woods into wedges then gluing them together and turning them to the shape I want.

Solid ornaments - These are made by taking a grain figured wood and turning it into an ornament.

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