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USABLE ART PROTOTYPES on sale at a deep discount price!  These adorable coasters are original watercolor art on aquaboard.  Great for holding a cold beverage or a warm cuppa cuppa.  Not recommended for excessively hot mugs (if it's too hot to touch, it's too hot for the coaster). Or, display to brighten any area.  The surfaces are sealed with nonabsorbant artist wax.  Rubber or silicone bumpers. 

Pick your favorite and select the corresponding number in the drop down menu.  Can't choose?  Selectio option 3 and we'll choose for you!

SHIPPING NOTE: Flat rate shiping box will hold up to four coasters, snug and safe.  (mug not for sale)

Artist: Donna Falcone

Watercolor on Aquaboard

4 X 4

About the artist: Donna Falcone's original art and illustrations in the children's book A is for Azure, the Alphabet in Colors, has been highlighted in the Georgia Museum of Agriculture's award winning gallery show "From Azure to Zaffre". Whether creating in watercolor or alcohol inks, her passion is to create unique designs filled with movement, light, and color.

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