"Van Gogh" Bowl

Price: $200.00


Fused and slumped glass. 11" diameter.

Imagine one of Van Gogh's sunflowers on your table as you use this beautifully fused and slumped bowl. This freeform bowl was made first fusing multiple layers of yellow and clear glass into a disk shape. This process of layering glass, creates the various intensities of yellow and clear with open spaces throughout. Once the disk cooled enough to remove from the kiln for cleaning, it was put back into the kiln in a carefully selected mold and slowly heated to slump it into the shape you now see.

Artist: Cindy Hammond

Artist Bio

Growing up with a mother who was an artist, it is no surprise that Cindy took to art at a young age. However, it wasn’t until later in life that Cindy discovered her true passion of glass work with its seemingly limitless possibilities.

Born in St. Louis, and raised along the Gulf Coast of Florida, Cindy draws inspiration from nature, as seen throughout her work, from one-of-a-kind seascapes to vivid wildlife scenes. While she has created many windows with a traditional geometric design or a “church window” design using cut and beveled glass, Cindy’s favorite subject matter is nature.

Cindy attended Agnes Scott College with a degree in biology and after college dedicated her time to raising her three sons. Cindy re-discovered her passion for glass work in 2002, finding great pleasure in creating her own unique and original designs. She has created numerous works of art, which can be found on display in private homes and institutions throughout the Southeast.

You can find Cindy at work designing and creating new pieces in her studio in Tifton, Georgia. While her passion for her craft is strong, she will tell you her pride and joy are her children and grandchildren. Whether Cindy is working on a commissioned piece or dreaming up a unique original, watching ideas come to life through her work is an incredible feeling.

To see more of Cindy's glass art, visit her webpage at www.cindysglassworkdesigns.com

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